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Echoes Out of Time

Oh, please indulge me one last visit with poetry before we continue along our way?

Life is a journey. We meet many people. Let’s meet two couples, an Indian boy, and one who sings about the music of nature.

the-keys-to-canterbury                                                                Source: YouTube

The Keys to Canterbury

If poems are the music of literature, then we, its audience, dance. This ancient traditional ballad is a dance between a gentleman courting a lady and the lady accepting the invitation. Discover this lilting poem (it is also a song) and feel its peaceful rhythm:


We keep the theme of journeying in this brief and old Irish or Scottish folk song about a girl and her love, Johnny.

I Know Where I’m Going
Author Unknown

I know where I’m going.
I know who’s going with me,
I know who I love,
But the dear knows who I’ll marry.

I’ll have stockings of silk,
Shoes of fine green leather,
Combs to buckle my braid,
And a ring for every finger.

Feather beds are soft,
Painted rooms are bonny;
But I’d leave them all
To go with my love Johnny.

Some say he’s dark,
I say he’s bonny.
He’s the flower of them all,
My handsome, coaxing Johnny.

I know where I’m going,
I know who’s going with me,
I know who I love,
But the dear knows who I’ll marry.

Listen to its beautiful music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWHxreWIBZ8

From ancient England and Ireland we travel back to ancient America to hear a Native American song,

A Song of Greatness
(A Chippewa Indian Song)
Transcribed by Mary Austin
Source: Anthology of Children’s Literature, 4th Edition, Mary Austin, Children Sing in the Far West (Houghton Mifflin)

When I hear the old men
Telling of heroes,
Telling of great deeds
Of ancient days,
When I hear them telling,
Then I think within me
I too am one of these.

When I hear the people
Praising great ones,
Then I know that I too
Shall be esteemed,
I too when my time comes
Shall do mightily.

Its message is simple, direct, and sincere—a young man’s aspiration.

Finally, we come to see the greatness of nature in

Measure Me, Sky!
Leonora Speyer
Source: Anthology of Children’s Literature, 4th Edition, Leonora Speyer, Slow Wall, Poems, together with Nor without Music (Knopf)

Measure me, sky!
Tell me I reach by a song
Nearer the stars;
I have been little so long.

Weigh me, high wind!
What will your wild scales record?
Profit of pain,
Joy by the weight of a word.

Horizon, reach out!
Catch at my hands, stretch me taut,
Rim of the world:
Widen my eyes by a thought.

Sky, be my depth,
Wind, by my width and my height,
World, my heart’s span;
Loveliness, wings for my flight.

To share these with the middle school children we know is to share words in music and classics that come alive.
Next time, we’ll continue to explore nature in narratives.