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Famous Stories

There is no harm in a man’s cub.”
—Rudyard Kipling, “The Jungle Book”, Mowgli’s Brothers

The animals realize Mowgli won’t harm them. As a child lost in the jungle and brought up by understanding wolves, he keeps his innocence. What charms us about this story is that the animals act human, too. As we journey through life, we turn out to be something we weren’t before.

Famous classic stories are examples of how to become. . . smarter than adults, changed in appearance and true to yourself.

Leave it to Princess Lenore who asked for the moon and got it on her own terms. Neither the wizard nor the lord chamberlain could solve the problem and not the mathematician either. It was the jester who was wise enough to listen to a child and then used her logic to solve the problem. And when the moon appeared in the sky the following night, Lenore took it in stride that it grew back in the sky, just like a flower or a tooth in Many Moons.
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The big creature ran away. Away from a biter and from others and even from his own family. No one understood. Few were kind. Until one spring day he saw his reflection in the water. And the duckling was ugly no more. Finally, he belonged.

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Pretending to be something you are not does not pay. At some point, you will be found out as the fable A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing tells.

The wolf had a few sheep for his meal until what he did to the sheep was done to him! He could have saved his life if only he stayed true.

Adults and children alike can relate to these stories because they show how we solve problems and make mistakes and that leads to how we grow wiser and find our place in the world.

The next time I’ll talk about how modern stories lead us on life’s journey. I hope to hear from you.

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